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Setting up Game

PostPosted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 11:00 pm
by commish
Everyone will need to do the following to get setup with the league settings and website. Let me know if you need help:

1) Download and install OOTP 18 -
2) Register an account at - which is our league website
3) Let me know when you make an account so I can activate it and you can login
3) Once you login, you will be see a new Nav-Bar option on the website called "Starter File". Click this and the league file will download automatically.
4) Once it's done downloading, you need to unzip this file and move the new folder in the saved_game folder. For Windows, this is located here: Documents > Out of the park Developments > OOTP Baseball 18 > saved_games. I am not sure on the directory for Mac.
5) Now you can open the actual game, choose load game and select OOTP Buds 18
6) Once you're in the game, you will want to download the latest league file so your caught up. Do this from File > Online League > Download Latest League File
7) Login under your profile, message or text me for your password