In Game Help for the Newbies

In Game Help for the Newbies

Postby commish » Tue Apr 18, 2017 11:05 pm

Here's a summary of stuff for the newbies (Chris, Tommy, and Johnny). Please read below to help prepare you for this game, as it is really in-depth and a lot is going on.
To help their progress, I suggest John mentors Chris, Tony mentors Tommy, and I'll mentor Johnny.

Now that the draft is done, here's what's up and what's the 'next steps'

Set your lineups and active roster (if you don't, people you don't want to lose could be placed on irrevocable waivers and can be claimed by other teams)
- If you have a LF that can play RF better and you want to utilize him there, it may help to go to his profile > Available Actions > Change Position accordingly

Set your Team Control Settings
- Click your name at the top then Team Control Settings. These options will determine what your staff will do (auto) versus what you will do (manual). You could skip settings your lineups and roster if you check the appropriate team control settings.

Offer contracts to coaching positions (Front Office > Personnel, then click the vacant spots) - VERY IMPORTANT TO DO BEFORE FIRST SIM

If you're looking to Trade players, you can do so at the GM and Manager actions under your name. Do not ever COMPLETE THE TRADE on your own. You have to take a picture of it, send it to me or the league messenger, then I will submit it myself. There's only supposed to be one commissioner, but we are all commissioners so it will enable you to use that feature. You'll see in the trade summary (middle of the screen) feedback from the AI and if the AI will accept that trade. The complete trade button will be an option if you're unsure. There may be times where they say they have to think about it as well. But once again, don't EVER complete the trade on your own. Can really mess things up if you do.

Set ticket prices if you wanted to change them - Team Drop-down > Front Office > Left side (hit enter after you type it in)
Scouting/Development Budgets for the season is on the front office screen as well, on the right side. Allocating more money yields better results

One large issue is that certain teams are over budget, and that's without getting all the coaching spots filled!
Cardinals - $36 mil over budget
Tigers - $112 mil over budget (WOW)
Mariners - $30 mil over budget
This should be addressed sooner rather than later. To rectify this, you can either:
1) Trade for cheaper guys
2) Take a ONE-TIME only free release of player(s)

There's a lot of data, tools, information at your disposal. I suggest you click around and familiarize yourself with the game as much as possible.
A big new feature I'm looking forward to is all the team chemistry, morale, etc.

IMPORTANT: We are ALL commissioners. The reason for that is so everyone has access to trades and shopping of players. With that said, I'm the main commissioner and will be putting the trades through etc. Things that are completely off limits:
- Any of the back-end editors for players, coaches, stadiums, etc. even if it's just for viewing.
- Acting as a different AI controlled, or Human team

Once you make any changes to your team, etc. you need to EXPORT your information to the server. You can do this by going to File > Online League > Export Team to FTP
Failing to do this will not save your changes to the next sim and will be gone for good.
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